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What do you imagine when thinking about shopping in Seminyak? Endless rows of street stalls with Ketut and Rhonda-style singlets? Or high-end boutiques with equivalent price tags to what you usually pay back home? Surprisingly, shopping in Seminyak is much more exciting and fascinating, and that is why.

1. It’s cool

Gathering a community of locals, expats and travellers who want to get their shopping fix, trendy and cool weekly bazaars are just excellent to socialise, make new friends, and indulge in retail therapy of course! Among the most popular are Love Anchor in Canggu and Old Man’s Markets in Batu Bolong (note: the letter is open only on selected weekends).

Seminyak, Canggu, Bali | Market Shopping

2. It’s unique

Bali is, without doubt, one of the best places to hunt for the designer clothes and shoes made by young and talented local (and foreign) designers. Boasting an incredible range of stylish boutiques and made-to-order shops, Seminyak will surprise even the most discerning shopper and fashionista. Check out The Bali Tailor for made-to-order leather goods, Uluwatu Lace, The Tailor and His Lover and Mimpi Mannis for cool, vibrant sandals.

Seminyak, Bali | Uluwatu Lace Handmade Balinese Lace Shopping Seminyak Bali Indonesia

Image Credit: Uluwatu Lace | Seminyak, Bali

3. It’s still affordable

While most high-end boutiques tend to increase their prices to match the Western market, there are still hundreds of great stores offering incredible value for the quality clothes, homewares, and shoes. For surf clothes and sportswear, head to Bali Factory Outlet, for organic products opt Canggu Shop and for the gorgeous homewares and furniture check out the Bungalow Living.

Seminyak, Bali | Shopping Sale

4. To support local producers

We are not talking now about designer boutiques, but cosy little shops run by the family and selling hand-made bracelets, bags and homewares. Still cheap and authentic, the locally produced goods will definitely please you back home reminding about the trip to Bali. And, most important, you help local people supporting their community when buying authentic woodcarvings, paintings, and textiles.

Seminyak, Bali | Local Woman Handcraft

5. High quality

Bali is home to more than a few sought-after Australian designer stores including Mister Zimi, Auguste Frank and Alice McCall which are conveniently located in Seminyak. Not satisfied yet? You will also find here the boutiques of French designer Magali Pascal, show-stopper dresses from the Brazilian brand Uma and Leopold and This is a Love Song retail store.

Seminyak, Bali | Shopping Shoes Bag

So, take your empty suitcases and head to Bali for a crazy shopping fix. There are more than just a few good reasons to enjoy retail therapy while holidaying in Seminyak.

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