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Bali is more than a destination. The Island of Gods inspires and draws travellers to experience its culture, cuisine and rich history. And in the centre of all these is fabulous Seminyak with its unique charm and fancy lifestyle – a perfect twist for young and free. Though, we, as a family, also had a splendid vacation. Here is our story about the extended family holiday in a lovely Seminyak villa.

Girl Palm Tree Seminyak Bali

Seminyak Back in the Days and Today

With its hectic pace of construction and development, Seminyak is no longer that ‘green’ local village with emerald rice paddies and simple lifestyle how it used to be a dozen years ago. Today, the trendy ‘Yak’ is an upscale retreat with world-class boutiques, award-winning restaurants and mobs of fancy travellers wandering around the busy Kayu Aya (ex-Oberoi) street. And that’s ok until you are holidaying in Bali. However, if you are planning to stay in Seminyak longer than a couple of weeks, then the hectic lifestyle and bustling pace of living might become overwhelming – at least for introverts like me, and that is…

Woman Motorbike Road Bali
Palms Beach Pool Sunset Seminyak Bali

Why We Choose a Private Villa

And that’s when I began searching for a quiet place for our extended family stay. Location, seclusion and privacy were my cornerstones for choosing the holiday home, and I definitely succeeded with our lovely Balinese-style villa. Boasting an expansive living area and a fabulous garden, my 2-year old son had plenty of space for running around, playing football and expressing delight over unlimited freedom.

As for me, I loved early dips in the pool when the morning coolness is still sensible, but the water is ideally warm. After the swim, my husband and I were having a fresh aromatic coffee and sumptuous breakfast with seasonal fruits and omelettes. Luckily, our Bali home was only a short stroll from the main Kayu Aya Street, also known as Eat Street in Seminyak, so whether we were feeling for a relaxed walk or a delightful lunch – locales were a stone’s stone from our gate. And it’s very important when you are travelling with a young child – having the necessary facilities close by – as it saves you time and energy for other family activities.

Shopping Kid Leo Bintang Supermarket Seminyak Bali

Seminyak Beach – An Endless Stretch of Chic

In the afternoon, we were heading down to the beach. Our restless toddler was running around, playing on the sand and frolicking in the shallow waters, while my husband and I were soaking up setting sun marvelling glorious sunset views. Those precious moments I would stretch to infinity. At times, when the feel for elegance and sophistication was irresistible, we were dressing up for fave Ku De Ta, and with a glass of wine and cold Bintang were gazing the fancy crowd around us.

Family Kudeta Seminyak Bali
Kudeta Sunset Seminyak Bali
Kudeta Interior Seminyak Bali

Scrumptious Dinners in State-of-the-Art Restaurants

When the night was falling, we were back to Eat Street choosing a lovely locale to treat our taste buds to authentic Balinese food or light Mediterranean dishes. One life is not enough to try all eateries dotting trendy Seminyak, and more and more venues pop up around Yak with incredible speed. We were frequenting our fave Batic and the next door Bali Café, and also discovered new culinary gems among which the eye-catching Teatro Gastroteque. After delicious food, in the comfort of air-conditioned bedrooms, we were revising the fantastic day spent in the paradise and laughing at the loud sounds of funny gecko living in our enticing villa.

Full of memories, thrills and discoveries, our extended family holiday in lovely Seminyak came to an end. Leaving a sweet aftertaste, just as chocolate cake, the vacation taught us useful tips and tricks on travelling with a young child. New trips with my little one is not a challenge any longer, and I’m looking forward to a new adventure coming soon. Arrivederci Seminyak, and see you soon, Bali – my paradise island.

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