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What is the best way to celebrate your child’s birthday? Throw an epic party in the private villa! Spacious gardens, expansive open-plan living rooms and dazzling pools feature heaps of space to host large groups. Find out more about throwing a kid’s birthday party in Seminyak villa: our experience.

Birthday Party Mov Team Villa Seminyak Bali

Well, let me be honest with you – I’m not good at organising celebrations and special events. Thinking about every detail and planning every hour of the party is not easy for me. Fortunately, I had a priceless help from Ministry of Villas concierge team, who not only provided balloons and decorations but also taught me useful information and shared contacts for future events.

Balloons Decorations Birthday Party Villa Seminyak
Mov Team Sara Birthday Party Villa Seminyak Bali

Before You Start

Make sure your villa capacity is enough for the group of people you would like to invite. We stayed in a two-bedroom estate with a huge garden and a generously-sized pool, so either kiddo, as well as grownups (in total 40 people!), has plenty of space to spread up, enjoy and play.

Snacks Birthday Party Villa Seminyak Bali

Planning the Day

Usually, kids cannot stay focused longer than 15-30 minutes. Little ones get bored with activities and games very fast, so the key to having everyone enjoying the time is to plan ahead (or even make the list of) sports and entertainment. From hide-and-seek to treasure hunting to racings – make sure the playing time doesn’t exceed 30 minutes. Furthermore, the more active games are, the hungrier and more tired kids become, so make sure you have enough food and snacks prepared, and alternate quiet pastimes with active ones.

Garden Games Birthday Party Villa Seminyak Bali

Shopping for Groceries and Ordering a Cake

Since our party was actually a kid’s birthday, we’ve opted for non-alcohol and snacks-only variation. We stocked crackers, fruits and bruschettas from Bintang* and prepared the tropical-style Punch with mango, grapes and orange juices. Of course, the cake was a party’s highlight! With two candles only, the huge 40-piece cake was ordered at Gourmet shop, and it was as tasty as it was beautiful!

*as of on 16 January 2020 Bintang supermarket burned down.

Tropical Punch Birthday Party Villa Seminyak Bali
Leo Cake Birthday Party Villa Seminyak Bali

Decorating the Villa

Balloons, “Happy Birthday” signs and funny hats are essential party attributes, and that is where I actually put my hand. There are millions of one-stop party shops in Seminyak, like Smile Balloon and Bali Party Shop, where you can order or shop balloons, hats, caps and other stuff directly. Or, you can head to the infamous Bintang supermarket, that stocks the wide array of party things on the upper level and fill your trolley there. We decided to “combine business with pleasure” and shop for groceries at the same time while selecting birthday decorations.

Kids Playing Birthday Party Seminyak Bali

Entertainment and Games

Hosting a children party aged from 3 months to 12 years old is not as difficult as it sounds. With face painting and outdoor games, non-stop cartoons on the huge-screen TV and loads of sweets on the table everyone had something for himself. We’ve organised a couple of non-competitive games and prepared bags of lollypops, so little ones wouldn’t feel deprived even if couldn’t participate in plays.

Face Painting Birthday Seminyak Bali
Tatiana Face Painting Birthday Party Villa Seminyak Bali

And what can I say? It was a success! Children were super-excited when haunting for wild animals hidden in the garden; parents were relaxed and cheerful; and the birthday-boy received sooo many amazing gifts, that now we have our own toy-box in our second home – Seminyak. I also learned that a 2-hour celebration might not be enough for children to truly enjoy all activities, swim in the pool and participate in all games, so for the next birthday, we would plan something even more grandiose like a half-day costume party or mermaid-themed event.

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