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Boasting some of the most gorgeous beaches on earth, Bali attracts millions of tourists yearly to indulge in pristine sands and turquoise waters and get that seductive sun-kissed body while sipping cold margaritas lazing around the comfy sunbed in a trendy beach club. Once you get bored of Seminyak’s chic neighbourhood take a look at these fave Bali beaches offering a day escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the island’s most happening resort town.

1. Echo Beach

You could actually walk to Echo Beach from Seminyak along the shore, letting the stunning sunset accompany your relaxed stroll.

Best for:

  • People watching
  • Surfing
  • Chilling in stylish beach bars
Canggu, Bali | Echo Beach Surfers

2. Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Bay is home to a dozen seafood oceanfront restaurants that usually get full long before the sunset.

Best for:

  • Toes-in-sand seafood dinners
  • Romantic strolls
  • Witnessing mesmerising sunsets
Jimbaran, Bali | Beach Sunset

3. Balangan Beach

Escape the sophisticated Seminyak and enjoy the tropical vibes on the long stretch of golden sand Balangan Beach dotted with local warungs and wooden sun beds.

Best for:

  • Surfing. For both pros and beginners
  • Sunbathing
  • Snorkelling on the mid-low tide
Balangan, Bali | Surfer Wave

4. Keramas Beach

Sitting on the eastern coast of the island, Keramas boasts empty stretch of the volcanic black sand beach and the only Komune Beach Club with an oceanfront swimming pool.

Best for:

  • Mt. Agung gazing
  • Pool hangouts
  • Unbeaten first-row surfing seats
Keramas, Bali | Komune Beach Club Surfing Wave

Image Credit: Komune Beach Club | Keramas, Bali

5. Blue Lagoon

Your own Blue Lagoon, the beach is a stunning stretch of the blinding white sand shoreline located close to the Padang Bai harbour.

Best for:

  • Spotting the magnificent underwater life
  • Swim in the aquamarine ocean
  • Get the romantic bliss with your significant one
Padang Bai, Bali | Blue Lagoon Beach

6. Karma Beach

Karma Beach is an exclusive, private beach located within the luxurious Karma Kandara Resort offering a piece of luxury in the totally chic setting. Get prepared to pay for entrance.

Best for:

  • Snorkelling and water sports
  • Indulging in the luxurious setting and designer cocktails
  • Pampering yourself with a heavenly beach massage
Uluwatu, Bukit Peninsula, Bali | Karma Beach Club

Image Credit: Karma Beach Club | Uluwatu, Bukit, Bali

7. White Sand Beach

Located off-the-beaten-track, next to Candidasa resort town, the White Sand beach, also known as Pasir Putih is a real heaven on earth.

Best for:

  • Building white castles from the icing-sugar sand
  • Swimming in calm waters of the turquoise Indian Ocean
  • Enjoy all the sands for yourself
Candidasa, Bali | White Sand Beach

8. Nyang-Nyang Beach

Once a secret Bali beach on Bukit Peninsula, Nyang Nyang strikes incredible clifftop views for postcard-perfect pictures.

Best for:

  • Swimming and snorkelling on low tide
  • Instagram-worthy pictures
  • Soothing sunbathing
Uluwatu, Bukit, Bali | Nyang Nyang Beachjpg

9. Balian Beach

Up and coming Balian beach stands out with volcanic charcoal black sands and the world-class surfing as well as a growing number of boho bars and chic restaurants.

Best for:

  • Surfing, surfing, surfing
  • Après surf beers and cocktails
  • Unbeaten sunset views due to its West-most location
Balian, Bali | Beach Sunset

Image Credit: Sushi Surf | Balian, Bali

10. Thomas Beach

Fringed by turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Thomas Beach is one of the quietest beaches on Bukit and boasts virgin white sands and cool tropical setting.

Best for:

  • Secluded sunbathing
  • Beachfront walks
  • Indulging in the serene and quiet ambience
Uluwatu, Bali | Thomas Beach

11. Amed Beach

Amed is known for the world-class diving, dramatic landscapes of the north-eastern part of Bali and unparalleled views of the volcanoes.

Best for:

  • Exploring the sunken US Liberty Shipwreck
  • Watching dolphins
  • Taking a boat to nearby Tulamben
Amed, Bali | Diving

So pack your sarong, sunscreen and a favourite bikini and download the trendies summer playlist because it’s time to visit some of the most jaw-dropping Bali beaches ranging from the hidden bays to exclusive shorelines to dreamy diving spots!

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