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Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia | Woman Red Dress

About Seminyak Holiday

Seminyak Holiday is both an inspirational blog for visitors and an online booking service by Ministry of Villas. It’s like your local Balinese friend, to from whom you can seek advice, ask information and who is excited to help you find the best accommodation or share the best addresses for wining-and-dining, shopping, partying and relaxing in Seminyak.

Because what we really want is to make your Bali holiday exciting and full of unforgettable memories, to make you love Seminyak as much as we do.

What We Believe in

We believe that Seminyak epitomises the sophistication and unbeaten style, which you can't help but will love as much as we do. That is why we chose Seminyak as our permanent home base and together with Ministry of Villas we strive to deliver the best service and personal advice on finding your idyllic villa as well as keeping you updated with the latest news and happenings in Seminyak. Unlike many other booking companies, Ministry of Villas works with property owners directly, bringing them customers and charging them, therefore, ensuring you are not paying a cent and can enjoy the personalised service and good advice. We, at Seminyak Holiday and Ministry of Villas, make your vacation as flawless and stress-free as possible. Your fabulous Seminyak holiday begins here!

Seminyak Expert

Seminyak Villa Massilia Villa Stay Alastair


Alastair is passionate about travelling. Being away the most time of the year, he loves coming back to Bali – his second home. Needless to say, he knows Seminyak like his five fingers and is always happy to share insider’s information you won’t find elsewhere.