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Bali is one of the most sought-after engagements and marriage destinations in the world and for a good reason. Not only the island is gorgeous and photogenic, but it also boasts an ample range of exotic settings from endless shorelines to splendid cliffsides to forest-clad mountains and accommodations ranging from the affordable to ultra-luxe resorts. And here are our top picks 7 ideas for the romantic marriage proposals in Bali.

1. Romantic Picnic on the Beach

Just imagine, long sunset stroll with your significant one brings you to the beach picnic set with cold champagne, fresh flowers and majestic vistas. The dinner can be set up on any beach, though, if you really want to enjoy the serene and blissful atmosphere, we consider choosing a quiet beach on the Bukit Peninsula.

Consider that:

  • The catering company provides music, champagne and decorations.
Beach Picnic Couple Marriage Proposal | Bali, Indonesia

2. Horseback Riding Proposal

Just imagine the idyllic scenario – a charming prince is proposing you while riding the white horse in the light of setting sun! Canggu houses several horse caregivers, so if you are planning something unique and special for the engagement, be sure to consult with staff beforehand.

Consider that:
• Horses in Bali are shorter than European, so choose the best-looking horse for this special day!
• Tight jeans are not recommended if you want to hop on and off the horse conveniently.

Horseback ride couple beach | bali, indonesia

3. Private Helicopter Tour

If you want to point on luxury when asking your significant one to marry you, choose the private helicopter tour, to propose. After the exciting sightseeing tour prepare something on land too, to memorise the moment and celebrate it properly – a romantic candlelight dinner, spa treatment for two or an exclusive private villa are some of the ideas.

Consider that:
• The helicopter must arrive back at the helipad before dark, and sometimes helicopters are not able to take off in the schedule, so be flexible with the date and time for your proposal.

bali, Indonesia | air helicopter tour couple marriage proposal

Image Credit: Bali Air Helicopter Tours | Bali

4. Sailing Trip on Boat or Yacht

If you can’t imagine even a day without the ocean (and your other half too), book a charter boat for a romantic sailing trip just for two of you. There are dozens of boat companies in Bali, so make sure to do a bit of research to study the schedule, inclusions and select the boat type, which best suits your requirements.

Consider that:
• Winds blow hard, and the sun can damage the decorations, so plan the décor cleverly.
• Make sure you took the motion sickness pills, just as a precaution.

Sailing boat marriage proposal | bali, indonesia

5. Underwater Proposal

Immerse in the splendid and soothing underwater world with your loved one and share the magic moment together! Depending on the diving company, you can arrange a special quest game for her, which after solving a series of puzzles and finding clues will bring you to a treasure box with “Will you marry me?” surprise inside.

Consider that:
• Whether you have a PADI certificate or not, your engagement proposal must be accompanied by professional dive masters.
• Use the symbolic ring, otherwise, you risk to lose it in the underwater world.

underwater proposal couple divers | bali indonesia

6. Propose in the Private Villa

If you don’t want to share that special moment with other people, then a private villa engagement could be an excellent option for you. There are hundreds of fabulous villas in Bali to suit all tastes, budgets and requirements. Book your idyllic villa with Seminyak Holiday and Ministry of Villas and we’ll help you with decorations and arrangemnets.

Consider that:
• It is recommended you plan beforehand the décor and the engagement scenario and coordinate everything with the villa’s management and staff.

7. A Romantic Cave Dinner

An enchanted candlelight cave dinner is, probably, one of the most unique proposal ideas. The private boat will take you to the “ordinary” trip around the island, with a programmed stop in the beautiful bay or even on a private islet, where guests will be proposed to walk along the beach, while the staff will set up the dinner setting and serve an eclectic four-course dinner with champagne and wine just for two of you.

Consider that:
• If you provide printed pictures in advance, the memorable photo display can be a beautiful addition to the romantic setting.

Bali, Indonesia | Samabe Cave Dinner marriage proposal couple flowers candles

Image Credit: Samabe Cave Dinner | Bali

Other marriage proposal ideas include the rooftop dining, the sunset cocktail party or in the tropical jungles to number just a few. Thus, we highly recommend you to consider all factors that may influence that special day, i. e. weather, Bali holidays and health issues before planning your unique proposal.

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